Toikido becomes a patron of the National Videogame Museum

Toikido has supported the National Videogame Museum by becoming a patron. Toikido is a London-based entertainment company that sells millions of toys in over 1oo countries, including merchandise from fellow NVM patrons Playstation (Among Us) and Sheffield-based Boneloaf (Gang Beasts).

Darran Garnham, CEO of Toikido said: “I am super proud to support. As a dad of 3 boys, this is an important cause to champion for young people”.

NVM/BGI CEO Rick Gibson: “We are so grateful to Darran and the team for their support of the museum. The charity would not be here without the support of companies like Toikido to help us through the pandemic to brighter days”.

Toikido joins a list of industry companies and leaders which includes Sir Ian Livingstone, Carl Cavers, Andy Payne OBE, Rockstar, Rebellion and Sega Europe amongst others.


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