The BGI is a new national charity that advances the education of the public in general in the art, science, history and technology of digital games. We deliver this by developing and maintaining a museum, the National Videogame Museum; by providing facilities for education; and by conducting, publishing and promoting research. Within this remit, we aim to facilitate the technological, creative and cultural advancement of the UK games sector, as well as promoting diversity and inclusion across the sector.

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The BGI runs 4 programmes to deliver its charitable objects:

  • Culture: Educate the public about the cultural impact of games by providing a museum about videogames and how they are made; by running festivals about games culture in all its diversity; by collaborating with museums, organisations and public bodies on cultural education initiatives; and by the research and publishing of data around games culture, in collaboration with Research Organisations and 3rd sector organisations.
  • Skills: Educate the public and particularly young people by collaborating with educational institutions to gather best practice games development techniques and providing vocational training, advocating career paths to the public, parents, pupils, educators and companies for more diverse candidates across the entire career pathway from preschool to retirement, and educating diverse young people about the value, meaning and development of games, as well as highlighting critical skills gaps within the industry to the public.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Educate the public on the value of diversity and inclusivity in games and their development. Encourage and support the education of girls and women as well as underrepresented groups (BAME, disabled, non-binary, older, LGBTQ+, religious people) about games development and culture. Promote and communicate diverse ideas and perspectives about games to a broad audience, researching how all members of the public perceive and play games.
  • Sustainability: Educate the public, including students, games companies and investors about sustainable games development approaches and how best to utilise funding and public research to ensure that creative studios are more sustainable and viable.