Our fundraising


We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator and adhere to their Fundraising Guidelines. Use of funds is strictly monitored by the senior management team and overseen by trustees.

3rd party fundraisers
We partner with the team at Funded on some of our grant applications. Their work is closely monitored to ensure adherence to our charitable objects and every grant application on the charity’s behalf is approved by the senior management team. We cover the costs of working with Funded from unrestricted funds, not the proceeds of won grants. Funded do not receive any monies on our behalf.

Fundraising complaints procedure
This complaints procedure applies to all BGI fundraising, including those who fundraise on BGI’s behalf.

We will make sure that complaints are investigated thoroughly and fairly to find out the facts of the case, avoiding unnecessary delay; and will respond to complaints fairly and in a way that is in proportion to the complaint. We will regularly review any lessons to be learnt from complaints and use that learning to help inform future fundraising activity.

Procedures for staff and volunteers to report any concerns about our fundraising practice are included in our staff handbook.

If you have a complaint about our fundraising practice, please use this form to start our investigation process: