Publications and talks

NVM is a recognised authority in games culture, preservation and interpretation. Experts on our team have published and collaborated on research with Universities such as Bath Spa, Stanford, Cambridge, Tokyo and Barcelona, as well as with published with Carlton and BFI.

Recent publications include:

Cuthbert Goes Cloning: Newman, J. (2021) in Navarro-Remesal, V. and Pérez-Latorre, O. (Eds) Exploring European Videogame Styles, Representations and Gaming Culture, Amsterdam University Press. Subject: Ports, Platforms and the Dragon 32 microcomputer

Spectate!: Newman, J (2021), Bloomsbury Academic, New York. ISBN 9781501332432 (Forthcoming). Subject: Watching, recording and streaming videogames.

Before Red Book: early video game music and technology: Newman, J. (2021), chapter within The Cambridge companion to video game music; Fritsch, M and Summers, T, eds., Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Subject: early videogame museum and technology

A History of Videogames: Newman, J. and Simons, I. (2018) London: Carlton Books Ltd. Subject: material cultures of game play, marketing and development.

Videogames [updated second edition]: Newman, J. (2013), London and New York: Routledge. Subject: critical game studies curriculum.

Best Before: videogames, supersession and obsolescence: Newman, J. (2012), London and New York: Routledge. Subject: game preservation and curation.

Playing with Videogames: Newman, J. (2008), London and New York: Routledge. Subject: audience ethnographies and cultures of play.

Inside Game Design: Simons, I. (2007), London: Laurence King. Subject: game design and development process.

100 Videogames (Screen Guides series): Newman, J. and Simons, I. (2007), London: BFI Publishing. Subject: canonical game history.

Teaching Videogames: Newman, J. and Oram, B. (2006), London: BFI Publishing. Subject: pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning on videogames.

Difficult Questions About Videogames: Newman, J., and Simons, I. (Eds) (2004), Nottingham: Suppose Partners. [updated second edition, 2013]. Subject: developing games literacteries across sectors.

Videogames: Newman, J. (2004), London and New York: Routledge. Subject: critical game studies curriculum.

Public speaking

Members of the NVF team including Iain Simons and James Newman have been invited to deliver numerous keynote presentations at academic and industry conferences on game culture, exhibition and curation. In the last year, they have spoken in the UK, Montreal, Kyoto, Tokyo, Seoul, Malmo, Rio, Barcelona, Berlin and the USA.

Recent keynotes include:

  • Game History Symposium, Montreal (subject: approaches to game curation)
  • NeON festival, Dundee (subject: interpretation practice)
  • This Way Up, Hull (subject: cities as playable platforms)
  • The Strong National Museum of Play (subject: Japanese game development)
  • Nordic Game, Malmo (subject: inspiring new makers)
  • Stanford University (subject: players as archivists)
  • University of Santa Cruz (on preserving game code)
  • FuturePlay, Edinburgh (subject: accessible tools for creation)
  • University of Tokyo (subject: developing game history exhibits)
  • Cologne Game Lab (subject: emulation and gameplay preservation strategies)
  • Barcelona University (subject: European localisation of Japanese games)