Careers course (now ended)

So many people asked us ‘what’s a games career like?’, ‘What skills do I need?’ and ‘Where do I start?’ that we decided to create a short online video course with the Open University’s social learning platform, FutureLearn, in 2019.

The heart of the course was the experiences of 5 young developers shortly after they started their careers. This diverse group of young people shared their stories of how they applied, prepared, interviewed and won their first jobs.

We handpicked 6 diverse senior producers, recruiters and studio heads to share how they started, shortlist, interview and recruit new starters to their studios or for their clients.

This 4 week course featured videos, discussions, tools, quizzes and articles which guided nearly 12,000 learners through the stages of preparing for games careers:

  • How developers started in games development
  • What entry-level games programmers, artists, designers and producers do day to day and how they work together
  • What are the hidden professional skills that could make you easier to hire
  • What recruitment companies would like to see in your CV and what could help you stand out from the crowd
  • Tips on providing evidence that you can do a games job, even if you lack experience
  • Inside the interview room – what games studios are really looking for at interviews


By the time the course was retired in May 2022, 11,780 people enrolled on this course, which won an 84% positive feedback rating.

Thank you to Sumo Digital, Square Enix, State of Play, Aardvark Swift and our very own Claire Boissiere (BGI’s Chair of Trustees) for being filmed and sharing their expertise and experiences.

Learner reviews

You leave with an action plan: This course is an informative guide which builds on knowledge each week, culminating in an action plan that you can deploy to take those first steps in your video games career. Course structure is easy to follow, with simple bitesize articles and videos. Review by Lucy M. on 6 Oct 2020

Amazingly insightful and easy to follow. Love how its broken up between articles/discussions and videos. Review by Sam P. on 3 Nov 2021

I feel more confident: Before taking this course, I felt incredibly nervous about applying for roles. But as I listen to and put in place the advice given at each stage, I feel more confident and ready to take on any challenge. As for goals, I want to create more games in my spare time, either through game jams or whilst on downtime from college. I feel this will help bolster my portfolio and allow me to learn specific skills that companies are looking for in candidates. Review by Loren P, 12 Apr 2021

Thank you, this course has been invaluable to me. At the VERY least, it has made me feel more comfortable and prepared. It is hard to know what to do, but this course has felt like a step by step of my future and what to do to prepare for it. Review by Michaela B, 09 Jul 2020