A Nationally Significant Collection

The National Videogame Museum collects, preserves and shares videogame history including the experiences of players, the machines they played on and historic objects associated with games.

Our Collection includes the physical objects that tell the story of how videogames are made, bought, marketed; and most importantly, how they’re played. The Collection has grown to over 5,000 objects including consoles, computers, cartridges, cassettes, collectibles, magazines, arcade cabinets, memorabilia and ephemera.

The NVM and our Collection were awarded a Culture Recovery Fund grant in October 2020.

They are important players in the field of collecting and preserving our video game culture on a European and even global level. They bring significant value to the task of making this part of our cultural heritage accessible, and they help teach people to understand the impact and meaning of games in all aspects of our culture.

Andreas Lange, Speaker, European Federation of Video Game Archives, Museums and Preservation projects