Calling all arts organisations and video game creators…

Discover how to reach new audiences in new ways with Continue 2018. Leading practitioners in cross artform projects unite to exchange secrets and perspectives at the bleeding edge of multimedia storytelling and narrative.

Brought to you by The British Games Institute (BGI), Pilot Theatre and York Mediale, this ambitious two-day melting pot of ideas features industry heavy-weight speakers from the cultural and gaming sectors, open discussion and candid sharing, a micro-game jam and exclusive project demos from immersive tech to theatre.

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British Games Institute

The BGI is a new agency for videogames, our Cultural programme aims to develop the role of videogames in culture, education and society. Our flagship project is the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham.

Pilot Theatre

Pilot Theatre are an international touring theatre company based in York who are committed to creating high quality mid-scale theatre for younger audiences.

Gob Squad
Sarah Thom, Founding Member

Gob Squad are a group of UK and German artists who make performances and videos which search for beauty in the everyday, and look for words of wisdom from a passing stranger.Made up of 7 core members, Gob Squad try and explore the point where theatre meets art, media and real life. As well as theatres and galleries, they place their work at the heart of urban life – in houses, shops, underground stations, car parks, hotels or directly on the street.

Sam Barlow
Director and Writer

Sam Barlow is known for games that push the boundaries of interactive narrative. With Silent Hill: Shattered Memories he created a classic that psychologically profiled its players and in Her Story he reinvented the detective genre for the YouTube generation.His next game is the hotly anticipated Telling Lies with Annapurna Interactive.

Invisible Flock
Interactive Arts Studio

Based in Leeds, Invisible Flock make groundbreaking innovative work to be experienced and participated in by thousands all over the world.Described in the Guardian as “real innovators”, Invisible Flock’s multidisciplinary, technologically driven practice seeks to redefine and disrupt traditional perceptions and models of global art practice.

Leila Johnston
Artist & Digital Curator at The Site Gallery

Leila’s work spans consulting, making and writing. In 2015 and 2016, she was the first digital artist-in-residence at leading contemporary dance company, Rambert. As an artist, she has exhibited immersive digital work at the Lowry, the British Science Festival and the Brighton Digital Festival, where she was commissioned as one of the New Work Awards in 2015.Her work typically blends humour, play, invention and creativity with a sharp critique of the status quo.

Cara Ellison
Journalist, Writer & Author

As well as being an acclaimed journalist, writer and author, Cara is now working at Media Molecule as a narrative designer on ‘Dreams’, one of the most anticipated Playstation 4 titles of all time.

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