A History of Videogames in 14 Consoles, 5 Computers, 2 Arcade Cabinets… And an Ocarina of Time

Join the curators of the UK’s National Videogame Arcade as they take you on a journey through the history of videogames… in things. Things? Why things? Surely videogames are digital? For sure, videogames are about graphics and sound, they are about zeros and ones, data and code, bits and bytes and pixels and sprites, but they’re so much more than that, too. They are joysticks and mice, computers and consoles, collectible plush toys and Barbie dolls, soundchips and, importantly, ocarinas (of time). Videogames are things we play with. They are playthings. But let’s not forget that they are things.

Taking you on a tour of their brand new book – ‘A History of Videogames in 14 Consoles, 5 Computers, 2 Arcade Cabinets… and an Ocarina of Time’ – James and Iain talk about which things they picked from the National Videogame Arcade’s collection and how they help us tell the complicated histories and cultures of gaming making and play. There are one-of-a-kind treasures like the Nintendo Entertainment System signed by its designer and mass-produced plastic toys. There are old games, new games, counterfeit games, controllers, cheat cartridges, T-Shirts, Hama Bead models, and, of course, that Ocarina of Time.

And don’t just sit there and listen – argue with them about why they left out your favourite game, console, computer and see if you can persuade them to include them in Volume 2!

A History of Videogames is on the following dates

Leamington Spa
July 19th, 7:30pm

Royal Pump Rooms

Join us after the book launch to find out more about how to get involved in Silicon Spa’s Interactive Futures Festival as a business, speaker, sponsor, student or enthusiast. The team will be there to take any questions you may have.

An event for academics, industry professionals, creatives, gamers and families. Interactive Futures offers a range of sessions and opportunities across 3 days at the Spa Centre, Leamington Spa from Thursday 31 January to Saturday 2 February 2019.


July 27th, 7:30pm

the national videogame arcade

July 31st, 8pm

National Science and Media Museum

Pre-show events from 6pm. Remember to bring along your favourite game or console to record your testimony!

Tickets £5

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