BGI Announces New Board Members

Nottingham, 18 June: The BGI has expanded its board to include a diverse range of stakeholders from across the sector.

The BGI’s board of advisors now includes the journalist Chella Ramanan, Phoenix Perry (Goldsmiths), Karen Hedger  (AIM), Claire Boissiere (Harbee Studios), Melissa Jo Knox (Blazing Griffin), Malath Abbas (Biome Collective), Gina Jackson (Imaginarium), Sitara Shefta (Dream Reality Interactive), Hannah Flynn (Failbetter Games) and Korina Abbott (Kinetic Atom).

With the new members, the BGI has followed through on its commitment to appoint members with at least a 50/50 gender balance and appropriate BAME representation.

Rick Gibson, CEO of the BGI, said: “The Board voted in April to expand again to represent the more diverse sector we want to build and that Government expects to see. The BGI’s Board isn’t simply over 50% female and over 20% BAME; it’s equally important that the Board now has a rich mix of disciplines to help govern our progress. We have designers, programmers and engineers, educationalists, producers, journalists, marketers, YouTubers, leaders of studios large and small, founders of the games industry as well as some of its newest stars, plus angel investors and people working in various areas of policy. We welcome the arrival of so many distinguished people from right across the sector.”

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