Register your interest in governing the BGI’s programmes

The BGI is inviting members of the games sector to register their interest in helping govern the BGI’s programmes via its steering groups. There are four steering groups: Diversity, Finance, Culture and Skills. These groups will meet several times a year either in person or by conference call.

Steering group members will discuss, debate, approve, monitor and report on the BGI’s programmes on behalf of the sector. Steering group members will be chosen from as diverse a range of candidates as possible and their expertise and track record in each group’s area of focus will influence their eligibility. See below for conditions of entry.

Please read the BGI’s programme definitions before using this form to register your interest:

Please note the following conditions:

  • If you attended a steering group meeting in 2017, you do not need to register again and will be invited to attend again in future
  • Please only choose 1 steering group per person
  • Positions are limited in number and we cannot invite everyone to join a steering group
  • We will try to acknowledge receipt of your application but may not be able to respond to each application nor share reasons for your acceptance or otherwise
  • By submitting this form, we may contact you for feedback on the BGI and its programmes in future.