Jingle Jam


The BGI and the National Videogame Museum has teamed up with the lovely folks at Yogscast, Twitch and Tiltify for this year’s Jingle Jam. From the 1st to the 14th December, the Jingle Jam will see streamers across the globe raise funds for 12 courses via the Jingle Jam 2020 Games Bundle. More details will be announced soon about the 40= games and in-game items that will be available!

We need your help to tackle COVID-19’s hidden impact on children.

Schoolchildren have fallen months behind in their studies and struggle with their mental health.

Kids from the most disadvantaged areas are now years behind.

Children from the poorest areas, often from BAME communities, have been hit the hardest, not only experiencing terrible losses of family and friends, but also damaging their education.

Already at a disadvantage, these kids are struggling to catch up with their studies and cope with depression and low self-confidence.

We know how videogames can help these children.

We believe that everyone, from every background, should play and make games.

Our charity works with schools inspiring kids to make games. We’ve shown that we can help young people from the most deprived areas, giving them hope. Most are having too much fun to realise they’re learning skills that could change their futures.  When they finish our courses, many of them say they want to carry on learning or even start careers in games development one day.

With Jingle Jam’s help, we can reach thousands of children hit hardest by the pandemic and inspire them to make games, rekindle their self-confidence and re-engage with their studies.

We will run workshops both online and in the galleries, giving kids access to our programme of creative workshops, where kids learn how to make games, create avatars of themselves, write videogame stories and design games mechanics. We just won an award for inspiring kids during lockdown!

Please support us to harness the power of games to change YOUNG PEOPLE’S lives.