Videogames Heritage Society

The Videogame Heritage Society is the first Subject Specialist Network set up in the UK with an exclusively digital focus.

This groundbreaking service run by the BGI advises over 100 museums and private collectors on the preservation, collection, intepretation and exhibition of videogames heritage items.

Founding members of the Society include Science Museum Group, British Library, Museumย  of London, Centre for Computing History, Bath Spa University, University of Nottingham and a host of independent collectors and specialists.

The VHS is now supported by a grant from the Art Fund.

The society coordinates approaches to the challenges of collecting and preserving videogames, and brings together both leading institutions and private collectors to help share knowledge and develop best practice.

The VHS is led by Iain Simons, Director of Culture at the BGI, and Professor James Newman from Bath Spa University. Iain and James are world-class experts in games culture and heritage. They were instrumental in setting up the National Videogame Archive now housed by the Science Museum Group, and have published 10 books as well as numerous articles and research papers on games preservation.

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